Manufacturing Technology


   Develop small business skills, such as marketing research, health and safety, accounting, oral and written communications, history and social studies.  Manufacturing develops student awareness and understanding of five areas of industry.

  1. Designing and Engineering Products 

  2. Developing Production Systems 

  3. Manufacturing Products 

  4. Marketing Products 

  5. Performing Financial Activities                                                                                                                


Designing and Engineering Products, Developing Production Systems, Manufacturing Products, Marketing Products, Performing Financial Activities, Basic Foundry, Basic Machining, SPC and Measurement, Robotics


PLACE WITHIN A PROGRAM OF STUDY: This is a beginning elective class. Students may participate in this course at any time during high school

LENGTH: This is a two semester course, which meets 50 minutes, 5 days per week.



  1. Students form company with the propose of designing, manufacturing, and marketing a project.

  2. Small group projects.

  3. Large group projects.

  4. Individual projects.      



A grade is divided in 4 equal parts.

  1. Daily participation - 25%

  2. Class projects - 25%

  3. Performance - 25%

  4. Examinations - 25%