Expose students to a variety of applied technology areas, and careers. Give students hands-on experience with state of the art equipment for the communication technology area. Apply previous learning to solutions of higher level problems and assignments. Provide students with leadership roles, promote personal responsibility, creativity, and initiative. Communication is  a skill used in any work-related environment. the ability to communicate effectively is an invaluable job skill. Communication technology is constantly changing. This course is designed to expose students to a variety of communication systems and their uses.


Communication Technology, Audio Communication Systems, Video Communication Systems, Visual Systems, Technology Electrical Telecommunication Systems, Technology Based Acoustical Systems, Technology Based Electronic Telecommunication Systems, Desk Top Publishing, Communication Technology and the Future.


PROGRAM OF STUDY: This is primarily an intermediate course. Students may participate in this course at any time during high school

LENGTH: This is a two-semester course, which meets 50 min. 5 days a week.



  1. Radio Commercials

  2. Video Commercials

  3. Time Lapse

  4. Resume Writing                          



A grade is divided in 4 equal parts:

  1. Daily participation - 25%

  2. Class Projects - 25%

  3. Performance - 25%

  4. Examinations - 25%