Construction Technology

Construction Technology is a vocational course, designed to teach employment skills, problem solving, and prepare students for college or vocational training.



Students choose from a list of individual industrial technology projects.  Each project will have a unit in safety, planning, design, research paper and product.


PLACE WITHIN A PROGRAM OF STUDY: This is an elective class. Students may participate in this course as a senior only.

LENGTH: This is a two-semester course, which meets 50 min. 5 days a week



  1. Wood tech

  2. Automotive

  3. Senior Metals

  4. Computer aided Drafting and Design

  5. Video production

  6. Radio production

  7. Vocational Prep

  8. Architectural design

  9. Mechanical design

  10. Desktop publishing

  11. Construction

  12. Manufacturing

  13. Communication



A grade is divided in 4 parts:

  1. Daily participation - 25%

  2. Class Projects - 25%

  3. Performance - 25%

  4. Examinations - 25%